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A common turtle graphics diagram

The term 'turtle graphics' refers to a manner of drawing mathematical diagrams using an imaginary drawing robot called the turtle. Turtle graphics were popularized by an educational computer language named LOGO invented at MIT. EZ Math Movie implements a version of turtle graphics very similar to the type found in LOGO.

This example draws diagrams made up of several regular polygons each. The turtle moves around the graph, drawing the diagram as it moves. You control the number of sides for the polygons, the number of polygons drawn, and the length of the sides of the polygons. Click the '+' and '-' buttons on the input controls (input gizmos) to change these values.

Click the 'Go' button to get things started. The 'Go' button looks like this:

Path of turtle movement

First polygon, second polygon, third polygon, and so on.

Path of turtle as it draws the diagram

Angle measurement: Degrees Radians

Go on input

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To runtime:


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In the tutorial section you will find information on turtle graphics.

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