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About these examples

These are not beginner's examples. These examples are meant to show some of what is possible with EZ Math Movie. The tutorial section is the place you should go to begin learning how to program EZ Math Movie.

Draw a diagram

Here is an example based on a common turtle graphics routine often seen in presentations and explanations of the LOGO programing language.

Bounce a line

This example shows a line bouncing around the edges of the graph. It looks a bit like a very simple version of an old screen saver animation.

Draw a function

Well, what would an educational, animated mathematics graphic display be without the ability to draw functions?

There are several ways to draw functions with EZ Math Movie, and this example demonstrates one of them.

Draw a fractal

Simply put, fractals are shapes that have their own shape repeated within them. Like squares drawn within squares draw within squares, and so on. (This is not a perfect definition of the term fractal, but it is a good starting point.)

In a computer language fractals are often drawn using a process called recursion. EZ Math Movie can draw fractals this way, and here is a turtle graphics fractal drawing program that draws squares within squares within squares, and so on.

All contents of EZ Math Movie are copyrighted: Copyright 2011, Edward A. Zobel. All rights reserved.

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