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It's JavaScript, really.

The EZ Math Movie language is an extension of JavaScript. Basically, it is JavaScript. JavaScript is a language present in all modern Web browsers. EZ Math Movie piggy-backs on the JavaScript language already in your browser and adds new commands to it. For example, drawPoint is simply a JavaScript function created for EZ Math Movie.

If you do not know anything about JavaScript, that is fine. All you need to know is explained on this site. With the information here you can visually explore and interact with mathematics at simple to very advanced levels. If you have gone through the tutorials, viewed the examples, and looked over the glossary, you are set to go.

If you do know JavaScript, well, all the better. A lot of this must look familiar, especially the if and for statements.

Crashing your browser

It is almost impossible to crash or hang a modern browser (post circa. 2000) using EZ Math Movie. About the worst it could ever get is that you purposefully or accidentally write a loop (for loop) that runs endlessly. All modern browsers detect these endless loops, and provide a dialog box asking you if you want to get out of the problem.

Some math experiments you might try could legitimately entail for loops that run several thousands of cycles. Many diagrams that are fun to draw are like this. In such cases your browser could think that your program has an endless loop and inform you about it. The browser would ask you if you want to quit. Most likely you would choose to keep the program running, since you really want to run the loop for a long time.

There is nothing in EZ Math Movie that could hurt your computer. However, there may be some rogue or malicious JavaScript code that has nothing to do with EZ Math Movie which someone could give you, and it could be typed into EZ Math Movie and run on the browser and maybe cause a problem. So do not accept and run any code you recieve from untrusted sources. Please read the disclaimer.

All contents of EZ Math Movie are copyrighted: Copyright 2011, Edward A. Zobel. All rights reserved.

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