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Degrees or radians

EZ Math Movie can consider angles to be measured in degrees or radians. By default EZ Math Movie considers angles to be measured in degrees. This means that at startup all trigonometric functions and turtle graphics commands will work properly if you think 'in degrees' as you program.

A degree is a smaller angle than a radian. There are about 57.3 degrees in 1 radian. That's a bit like saying that there are 12 inches in 1 foot, or that there are 100 centimeters in a meter.

To work in radians, use this command:


To switch back to degrees, use this command:


You can also change the unit for angle measurement from the Options panel.

Running the example program

The example program shows how the two types of angle measurement work with the sine function from trigonometry. To start with, we do not need to use setDegrees, since degree measurement of angles is the default.

Note that the sine of 60 degrees is the same value as the sine of 1.0472 radians, as it should be, since an angle of 60 degrees has the same size as an angle of 1.0472 radians.

The example program

Angle measurement: Degrees Radians

Go on input

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To runtime:


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