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Not true is false, not false is true.

Sometimes we want to check if something is not true. In EZ Math Movie an exclamation point, !, means 'not'. Here is a simple example that checks if x is not equal to 2:

if(!(x == 2))
  print('x is not 2');

Note the exclamation point before the Boolean expression (x == 2). So if x were 3, then (x == 2) is false, and not false is true, and the print statement executes.

Another way

Of course, the same operation could be done this way:

if(x != 2)
  print('x is not 2');

There is often more than one way to accomplish any programing goal. So, if this other way looks clearer to you, go ahead and use it. Let's just say we are presenting the not operator here for completeness and for the unusual or advanced situations you may find where the not operator is the only way to get things done.

Running the example program

The example program shows how to use the ! (not) operator to reverse, or negate, the value of a Boolean statement.

The example program

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