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Describe the rectangle, draw it, calculate its area.

This is a straightforward example showing how to use both the input and the output gizmos. This program animates, but you will need to adjust the input gizmos to see any change in the graph.

Every cycle of the loop code does the following:

Running the example program

Run the program, and you should see the drawing of the rectangle. Also, you should see the value for the area of the rectangle displayed in an output gizmo named 'Area'.

Now try changing the width of the rectangle by clicking on the plus or minus buttons of the input gizmo named 'width'. You should see the rectangle change appropriately, and the new area should be displayed.

It is interesting to see what happens to the rectangle when the width or height go to zero or take on negative values. Be sure to check this.

The example program

Angle measurement: Degrees Radians

Go on input

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To runtime:


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